Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Weather Wars - A Fiction Synopsis

Chapter 1- Year 2052

Due to continued global warming, Canada’s northwest passages began opening up a new territorial coup with shipping routes that involved the Russians in a region known as EEZ. The Russians jokingly referred to this area as EEZY because they believed a conflict with the Canadians over a few new shipping lanes in their arctic regions would be “easy.” EEZY was a play on an anagram from the exclusive economic zone also know as the (EEZ) where international law states no own owned the North Pole. The United States President attended a round of urgent meetings asking Canada for a united front in response to Russia aggressively reopening military bases in the Arctic. Not long afterwards sanctions were imposed on the Russians. Things began heating up, when the U.S. continued with simulated attacks on Russian submarines they knew had entered international waters outside of Canada’s arctic regions. Canada claimed this region was theirs but the Russians had been using this route for decades with the help of ice breaker ships. Since twenty-five percent of the worlds untapped oil and gas reserves were located in the Arctic region, the Canadians clashed with U.S. as nations scrambled to lay claim to the riches that lay beneath the ice. 

In the mean time Russian bombers regularly ranged deep into the disputed area. Involving warships and aircraft from Canada, an unfortunate conflict occurred and a few hundred Canadians were killed during their NATO mission in a show down with the USA after the USA decided to lay claim to the region to stop the Russians.After the incident, during a series of investigations, the Canadians uncovered top secret files from a group of Russian scientists who reported something unusual while on a routine oil expedition. Inside the report there was evidence of something that was buried under the ice up there …something…not from Earth. 

The Canadians quickly washed their hands of the file, and turned it over to the U.S. The DoD soon got a hold of it but the Joint Chief of Staff had little patience for such an unlikely ill-defined scenario. After a brief meeting where he was met with a certain lack of enthusiasm with his colleagues in the intelligence community and military, he realized that an investigation could not be put down on paper. Any potential evidence of aliens under the ice triggered a whole set of thorny questions but the Chief still believed it was prudent to have a plan. With an overflowing plate on his hands he quickly handed it off to an experienced colleague by the name of Chris Kyle. A former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence, Chris had muddled through other reports in the past on "issues related to UFO's or extraterrestrials" and worked inside an unofficial department with the DoD. 

Chris soon began to make phone calls to collect his usual handful of top specialists. Scanning over the report Chris knew he would have to begin with the Russian scientist who initially lead the team and signed the report. Apparently the petroluem engineer by the name of Mikhailo Kiev, a graduate of the Russian Academy Of Sciences, Moscow had disappeared soon after the report was made. Complicating matters more was a "Beach-Comber" German spy who claimed he worked for the Canadian Meteorologist Service but who really informed the allies of the Russian whereabouts. Apparently he also had information concerning a Nazi U-581 wreck listed in the very same area of question...

To be continued...