The Supremacy Of Law

On this planet, there is power, and there law. Two entities of which law reigns supreme. It is a basic principle of any modern legal system. When power believes itself to be above the law for example - ancient regimes, sovereigns, nobles or kings and queens who do not comply with the law are an arbitrary power. An arbitrary power by definition is power that is not given by law or a command which is used without following procedures binding the exercise of the command.

When someone says "It is legal because I demand so," governments, unions or institutions, we as a planet or as a nation or a country which abides by supreme law, are violated.  At times in history and even today when power acts above the law the corpus of legal values and constitutions for which they are written, judges, lawyers and people are violated. Protectors of the law including the people whom they are meant to protect have the duty and the right to defend those values against the tendency of power to go beyond them.

The reason we have laws, or what is know as the Supremacy of Law is to end sovereigns, nobles, bureaucrats, banks and financial powers. In other words, they have to comply with the law. This is ultimately the reason many times in history, for instance, why the United States began its revolution against a king - King George III Of England. Laws which defend key values are the reason we have presidents and not kings in our country anymore. When King George began a law upon the colonists called "The Coersive Act," it was in fact a Simulacre. Called the Administration Of Justice Act, this set of "laws" was nicknamed the "Murder Act," by colonists when he mandated British soldiers live in the homes of colonists, or that any murder trials for British soldiers would be tried in England, giving British officers the freedom to get away with murder - able to slaughter whole crowds at once without trial. These concepts of law or Simulacre are nothing more than the interests of a power or king. Truth and justice twisted to be whatever power wants. Laws and documents and stamps, placed inside a legal system for whatever purpose it hopes to achieve.

But where is law today? Today these very same laws protect institutions - like the EU Bank for instance, where the law is used to defend the interests of financial powers above peoples and nations. I find it somewhat coincidental that Great Britain - a country that we fought against so many years ago over power, fighting that same arbitrary problem. History repeated. Power. Don't forget that power also uses something called sensemaking, which by the way has nothing to do with truth or justice. Sensemaking can be an ambiguous ruse and a manifestation of power. They said no, as the right to chose for themselves under the threat of 'economic consequences." Why not. They'd already lost everything.

I find it highly interesting in recent events in 2015 for instance when the president of Euro-group decided to exclude Greece. Their lawyers told Varoukis (the financial minister at the time) they could do what they wanted, and thus Euro-group by doing so, acted above the law like a regime.  Did they realize they were facing the county who invented democracy? Well, democracy was born in Athens in the 6th century B.C. Funny how that little thing called an equal share of power can be brought to light again in the same city it was born in - just a few years later. I don't know how it will play out, but being inside a union of any kind will ultimately have to benefit the masses. Not withstanding law, but it seems to me the Socratic theory of the moral good from which law stems, also stands on the grounds of logic, freedom and self -sufficiency, otherwise it becomes non-existent.

Law will play out in our future as well, even for the first colonists on Mars. I tend to think of Mars Gov as one that exists to play fair, based on the ideas of science. In my books I hint that certain laws will follow old maritime rules, that is, the astronaut will abide under the laws by which country his ship originates. Problem is - what happens when they step outside the ship? This is where you see this little term called extradition. But when extradition takes a few million miles what will happen? As it becomes a reality, and Mars becomes its own entity, will they rebel like we did over taxation? Talk about free trade or an import fee!  It's important to learn from history, to establish what will be, and protect democracy - even in space. The most likely scenario could be much like an old western. I understand the law exists, and is there to help us in ways we cannot imagine, but even with advanced technology abundant, watch out. It will be every man, or woman for themselves.

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