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The Phobos Series, Book I By K. Van Kramer
220 pages, $17.95 trade paperback
ISBN 978-1-60975-118-0

 Local author debuts new science fiction novella “ESCAPE TO PHOBOS”

 “Immerse yourself in a unique science fiction adventure when a quiet agricultural scientist finds herself entangled in an exodus to Mars and its moon Phobos.” 

Book signing party: Sunday September 27th 12pm to 5 pm
At: The Vinoy® Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort
The Abbot Room
501 5th Ave NE, St Petersburg

St. Petersburg, Florida —A long time fan of science fiction, Kim Van Kramer decided to try her hand at writing  spending the better of four years to bring a Mars trilogy to life. With extensive research in space travel and a spark of imagination, Van Kramer refined her idea using a balance between science and fiction in a gripping plot that humans could face one day. With Andy Wier’s The Martian now a huge movie success, science fiction about Mars has never been more popular. And this book keeps up the pace.

Establishing the foundation for two more future titles in the trilogy, Escape to Phobos features a vividly imagined future where a strong female protagonist learns the truth about cataclysmic weather conditions threatening life on Earth and ends up center stage in a race to help a small colony on Mars. Escape to Phobos, filled with cutting-edge science, adventurous themes and compelling characters, will be perfect for fans who enjoy science fiction, adventure, and an authentic portrayal of Mars colonization.

Van Kramer said: ‘Joining Silver Leaf Books is a dream come true and I can’t believe how lucky I am to find such a perfect home. Escape To Phobos is the culmination of my love for science fiction and I hope to take sci-fi fans on a remarkable adventure made possible through storytelling.’

Kim has a BA in Graphic design from the University Of Florida. An ADDY Award winner, she later began writing, working toward publication while dividing her time between a job and family.

Escape To Phobos can be purchased on Amazon, Nook, or through Silver Leaf Books, LLC, P.O. Box 6460, Holliston, MA 01746. For more information, visit

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