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Level IV

I'm about to impart to you a little wisdom I have concerning Level IV. But, before you begin, this is not about intelligence levels, or test levels, or even chemistry levels. Its about white water river levels.

At the time I went white water kayaking, I skipped over that notation, as I glanced over a legal waiver I had to sign before I began the excursion. It was a hot summer day on the 3rd of July, as I stood there at Kosir's River Rapids with my younger brother. Level IV, I thought — no problem. I mean, four out of ten levels in rivers right? Plus I have the "water" gene, handed down from centuries of naturally good water skiers and swimmers. So does my brother.

What I mean by that is I seem to have a connection to water. My father used to swim and slalom ski on the lakes growing up and so did my brother. My brother just seemed to be able to pick it up and slalomed on his first try. I used to water ski a little, and I was on a swim team in Wisconsin. My grandparen…

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